MacStat 2.0 Shipping With OS X Support

ExitToShell Software is now shipping version 2.0 of MacStat. MacStat is an app/hardware combo designed for the statistical display of a systems performance. The latest version features OS X support and complete serial port recognition. According to ExiteToShell Software:

ExitToShell Software is now shipping a fully Mac OS X native version of MacStat, a small bus-powered 20 character by 2 line LCD module that continuously displays operating system stats.

The information displayed by default includes the number of running processes, free/used RAM, free/used hard disk space, uptime and system load.

Plus the MacStat display can be run via an included UNIX-style daemon providing true Mac OS X server-compatible operation.

MacStat software version 2.0 is for Mac OS X only and recognizes all available serial ports registered via IOKit.

You can find more information about the 2.0 MacStat release at the ExitToShell Software Web site. MacStat 2.0 is available for US$95.00.