MacTank Rolls Out Version 2 of its E-mail Archive Software

MailTank has been upgraded to version 2 according to MacTank Software on Thursday. Version 2 of the e-mail archiving and remote access tool has these improvements:

  • New visual interface that is easier to use
  • Better performance when assigning, transferring and escalating messages
  • Click and write email addressing with automatic From address entry
  • Localized in five languages (English, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French)
  • Supports Mac OS X and Linux Browsers.
  • Dynamic team addresses allowing on-fly-team creation

MailTank is a Web-hosted service that allows a company to define a secure container on MacTankis server. All e-mail messages for a single company are archived on the server, and, for authorized users, complete access is made available in a variety of ways for information management and customer support. The service is independent of the e-mail client selected. Remote access and analysis via Blackberry, Treo and other mobile devices is also supported.

MailTank can provide managers with a window into the information flow and customer support history of an entire organization with the goal of better customer relations. MailTank also has support for the handling of spam and e-mail viruses. MailTank can assist a company with its policies on the archiving of corporate e-mail.

MailTank was developed using Ruby on Rails and is hosted on Mac OS X. Currently, MailTank operates only as a secure service on the MacTank server. The service is priced at US$15 per user per month.