MacTreasures Adds Auction Management Software

MacTreasures has announced that they will no be carrying Colorful Creationsi Auction Tender. The application allows users to easily manage online auctions through a simple and powerful interface. According to MacTreasures:

MacTreasures, a web site specializing in Macintosh software and hardware not found on retail shelves has added Auction Tender, software to manage your online auction items, by Colourfull Creations to its web site.

Auction Tender, a hybrid CD, is a customer- tracking tool with?inventory management, email creation, ad creation, invoice creation, mailing label creation, and more.? Keep customer addresses, customer billing information, tracking numbers, shipped dates, and payment tracking.?Auction Tender has a built in Ad creation tool that builds ad for you.? Auction Tender can be used for your Online Auction House business, your storefront?business, your web site store, and more. Auction Tender is a unique new idea for customer tracking, it is simple, easy to use, and convenient.?Essentially, Auction Tender will help your business grow.


Auction Tender is available for US$39.95. You can find more information at the MacTreasures Web site.