MacTreasures Adds New Hardware

MacTreasures has added new hardware to their Mac product lineup. Now available is the IRISPen and Readiris Pro 6 software. The new products allows users to scan text from through a handheld scanner and have immediate access to that text for editing or insertion into any application. According to MacTreasures:

MacTreasures, a web site specializing in Macintosh software and hardware not found on retail shelves has added IRISPen and Readiris Pro 6, to its web site.

The IRISPen is a pen sized scanner that allows you to enter data into any Mac application. What you get is real editable text, right at the cursor position. You save time and you even enjoy that tedious data-entry. Simply slide the IRISPen over the text you want in your application! A fully portable solution, it can be hooked up to any desktop or portable computer without any additional interface boards. Install the IRISPen software, connect the pen-scanner to your system and you are set to go!

The IRISPen Executive integrates the Text-to-Speech technology from Lernout & Hauspie, available in six languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian), Hand Printed Numbers Recognition and Bar Codes recognition. Integrating Text-to-Speech into the IRISPen provides clear, natural auditive feedback of all recognized words and numbers while scanning in information, be it from a document or a business card. This reduces the need to keep the eyes peeled on the computer screen to verify the recognition. As a result, the IRISPen uses a truly human way of interfacing. Also available is the IRISPen 3.1. Both are available in USB and Serial formats.

Readiris Pro 6 is a powerful and very easy-to-use OCR (text recognition) software that converts your every-day printed documents such as letters, faxes, magazine articles, columns in a newspaper, etc. into editable text files with a very high rate of recognition accuracy.

The IRISPen Executive is available for USS$199, while the Readiris Pro 6 software is available for US$79.99. You can find more information at the MacTreasures Web site.