MacTreasures Releases Hard To Find Games

MacTreasures has announced the availability of a variety of new games. Often specializing in Mac software that is traditionally difficult to find, some of these games are no exception. According to MacTreasures:

MacTreasures , a web site specializing in Macintosh software and hardware not found on retail shelves has added games from A-Sharp, LLC, Green Dragon Creations and by Design, Inc.

King of Dragon Pass, a hybrid CD created by A-Sharp, is the saga of colonizing a magical land where you control the future of a ragged clan which has decided to settle the empty land of Dragon Pass. Your decisions determine whether they prosper over the course of a century, and whether they will be remembered forever as a great clan. Of course, yours isnit the only clan which has emigrated to Dragon Pass. You will have to cooperate and compete with other clans of your own people, as well as folk you know nothing about. Each has their own personality.

Dragon Maze, by Design, Inc., mixes the dungeon feel of Rogue (one of the original computer games) with the fast action of todayis popular shoot-em-ups. D&D on steroids and caffeine ! Use your wits to explore the countryside, castles, buildings, and of course.... a ten level dungeon! Monsters are around every corner.

by Design has also created the Musket Fire and Cannon Fire game series of games. The Musket Fire games (Austerlitz, Waterloo, and Borodino) are Napoleonic battle simulations. They require skill, memory, and a penchant for planning and strategy. All games in the series have sounds, full-color graphics, and an advanced Macintosh user interface. No Previous Napoleonic Experience is Necessary! The Cannon Fire series (Gettysburg, Shiloh and Chickamauga) brings American Civil war games to the Mac.

You can find information about these titles, along with a wealth of others, at the MacTreasures Web site.