MacTrivia Offers Users A Chance To Win Stuff

Over the weekend MacTrivia officially opened their virtual doors. MacTrivia offers users a chance to go and test their Macintosh and Apple knowledge, and awards prizes to the true "Mac Geniuses." According to MacTrivia: has officially opened its doors! Since midnight (we didnit officially announce it until you have read this!), we have received over 200 submissions from people all over the world playing the game -but- nobody has scored the elusive 100% yet! Do you think you have what it takes to become the very FIRST MacTrivia Genius on record? Come and check out the site and answer questions ranging from early Apple history to the internal specifications of the Mac TV - we even have a few funny questions thrown in to help your score!

Starting on Monday, the "Sudden Death" contest starts where you can win a really cool RamJet T-shirt just for getting a perfect score - check the site for details but remember - to enter the contest you can only play once per week.

Come prove us wrong when we say: YOU DON?T KNOW MAC!

You can find more information, and enter to win, at the Web site.