MacUpdate Offers New Features

MacUpdate, a site dedicated to helping users be sure they have the most current versions of their favorite software titles, has announced the availability of several new features. MacUpdate users can now create a customizable watch list specifying what applications they are interested in. They can also get a download history of previous updates retrieved from the site. According to MacUpdate:

MacUpdate is proud to announce expansion of its website to include a MacUpdate Members section. Members that sign up for the FREE service have access to a number of new powerful online tools. These new tools consist of:

  • Customizable Watch List: Add software titles to your watch list so you can go back and view, download, and review them. Choose to have them displayed on the front page if you like.

  • Automated Email Update Notifications: Be notified via email when selected titles are updated to a new version.
  • MacUpdate Daily List: Receive a daily email list of all new updates on a daily basis.

  • Download History: Tracks software titles that you download while logged in as a member. This allows you to go back and review them, add them to your watch list, or simply use the list for future reference.

  • Customizable Site Layout: Customize the software listing format. Select between 2 totally different layout styles.

You can find more information about the site in general, and the new features, at the MacUpdate Web site.