MacVillage Offers Web Masters Real-Time Mac Headlines

MacVillage, the Macintosh based World Wide Web portal, has announced a new service available to Web Master. The service allows any Web Master to have the latest Macintosh based news headlines dynamically load on their site. According to MacVillage:

Robert Accettura of today took the wraps off of a new content program for webmasters of Macintosh related web sites. Immediately available, the system allows webmasters to have links to the latest news headlines on or the latest press releases from Mac PR.

The system is virtually transparent and is barely noticeable to the end user. The system involves webmasters adding a few lines of code to their web pages, then when someone visits the web page, the code instructs the browser to download the latest headlines from and insert themin the web page.

You can find more information at the MacVillage Web site.