MacWeek Editorial: "Apple Has To Get The Word Out"

Adam Gillitt has written a rip-roaring editorial for ZDNet that takes a hard look at Appleis marketing strategy. He is critical of Appleis ongoing approach to market the Mac and says that it is imperative the company radically shift their marketing direction. From the editorial:

Never mind that Apple has an introductory-level iMac priced at only $799 complete, with enough power to take an incoming freshman through all four years of college. Never mind that all different levels of business and industry can and do use Macs to support and sustain their businesses. Never mind that tens of thousands of software packages have been written for the Mac. Never mind that Appleis machines are as fast and capable -- if not more so -- than competing machines.

I could go on, but defending and promoting the Macintosh is Appleis job, not mine.

So where is Apple? Where is the information for the general market explaining to consumers why those perceptions are wrong? Where are the ads showing off the Macis strengths and abilities?

Apple needs to take a serious look at its marketing strategy. The majority of people who might be stirred by Appleis lifestyle-oriented campaigns have already decided whether or not to buy a Mac. Apple now needs to reach out to the rest of the PC-buying market to convince people driven by price, feature, and performance issues why they should buy Macs.

Enough oblique-angle product shots of the iMacis case. We donit need to be told again that the Cube is small and fanless. And nobody is buying an iBook to open it partway and leave it balanced on its edges.

Read the editorial. Love it or hate it, it is thought provoking and well written.