Mac/Windows Emulator From is now shipping WinTel Pre 1 CD for Mac OS X. WinTel Pre 1 CD is a Mac/Windows emulator designed for compatibility with Windows based apps on the OS X platform. According to, a leading provider of easy-to-use, world-class open-source software, today began shipping their WinTel Pre 1 CD which delivers true compatibility with Pentium(R) processors, disk image and CD-ROM support within Mac OS X.

Floppy disk support may be achieved by creating a disk image with Appleis Disk Copy software. An OpenOSX utility is provided to transfer data between the emulator and the Mac OS X operating system. The operating systems supported are Mac OS 10.1.

The OpenOSX CD installs separate disk images with FreeDos, Linux, DLX Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD pre-installed. The user may install Pentium/x86-based operating systems and software of their choice. OpenOSX has tested Windows 95, and are preparing instructions for installing Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

You can find more information about the WinTel Pre1 CD at the Web site. WinTel Pre 1 CD is availble for US$30.00.