MacWireless Releases New Antenna Boosters

MacWireless has released new boosters for wireless users. The 11g Antenna Boosters are designed for expanding the range of AirPort Base stations. The boosters feature amplifiers that can improve system performance to 500 milliWatts. According to MacWireless:

Weive been very busy here in the MacWireless offices preparing new products for release, and we are pleased to have arrived at launch-time for a couple of products that we are excited about.

If you are looking to expand the existing wireless coverage of your AirPort base station, wireless router or wireless card, the 11g Antenna Boosters are some of the most powerful options available. These powered amplifiers boost 802.11g/b signals to their limits increasing your wireless networkis range and performance.

By connecting one end to a wireless device and the other end to an antenna, you can boost your wireless signal up to 500 milliWatts.

Works with all models of Appleis AirPort Base Station.

Our 11g Antenna Boosters require an RP-SMA type antenna such as our new Corner Antennas. Many wireless routers include an RP-SMA "Rubber Duck" antenna including our 11g Access Point/Router.? No Antennas are included with the Booster.

You can find more information about the 11g Antenna Boosters at the MacWireless Web site. The 11g Antenna Boosters are available starting at US$99.98 for 100 mW.