Mac App A Day to Highlight Free Mac Apps

Mac App A Day is attempting to increase the visibility of Mac developers by offering a different application for free each day in December. 5,000 application licenses will be given away each day starting on December 1, and running through New yearis Day.

From the Mac App A Day Web site:
The idea of giving away popular Mac OSX applications for free, or with extended trials is great for the end user. It means they donit need to dig into their pockets and bank accounts to get their hands on some of the great software that has been lined up. Itis also beneficial to the developers who have offered to contribute to this line up. Not only does it give further awareness of the applications, but also will give the users a better taste of the software, and hopefully encourage further sales of the applications in the future. Itis a win-win deal for both the users and developers.

The official list of applications is being kept secret, so weill just have to wait and see what goodies will be offered up for your holiday downloading pleasure.