Mac Architecture Site On The Move

Architosh, the only site examing architecture and CAD from a Macintosh perspective, is on the move. After having problems with their prior hosting company, Los Angelesi, the site is currently negotiating to switch providers in hope of continuing to serve the Mac community. According to Architosh:

BritasMedia, the publisher of the Web site devoted to all things Macintosh CAD and 3D is now officially down and in a temporary holding pattern. ?The site, which was founded in February of 1999, received rapid acclaim due to its niche role serving the Macintosh CAD and 3D world, with a particular focus on the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry.

Trouble began on October 26 when the siteis editor and founder was no longer able to contact the siteis Web host,, in Los Angeles. "We simply wanted them to address some basic technical issues like email alias changes and access log problems," reports Anthony Frausto-Robledo, site founder, "but they never replied back to us, by phone or email." "We were concerned about them because they have always been excellent."

After a series of emails was shut down by Reprahduce prematurely. "We have today finally heard from them and we are now trying to get them to put us back up until we move to a new host." Says Mr. Frausto. "We hope they can do that for us within a few days."

BritasMedia is not retiring "This is an unfortunate setback for us," reports Mr. Frausto, "because we are actually doubling our efforts with the site and completing our redesign." "We have a number of new initiatives, exciting plans and a growing base of users in our Architosh International Web Users Group."

Architosh is currently in discussions with a major Macintosh online news network and is discussing technical Web hosting options with Digital Forest and over a half dozen other Unix and Mac OS X-based Web hosting companies. The site hopes to get back up temporarily with Reprahduce while it determines its immediate future plans.

You can find more information, for now, at the Architosh web site.