Mac Based Kiosk Program Updated

AppMac Software has updated their kiosk solution for the Mac OS, eKiosk, to version 2.0. eKiosk allows administrators to set access control and appearance of a Mac, allowing it to easily and safely be used by a wide variety of users. According to AppMac:

AppMac software announce eKiosk 2.0

eKiosk 2.0 is the best and only solution to manage internet and email services in public spaces.

eKiosk is a powerful tool to manage internet and email kiosk services in public spaces. eKiosk protect Mac from users (very useful for school, internet cofe, cyberspace). You can control Internet Explorer browser look and functions, block access to the Finder, block CD-Rom, hide menu bar...and more secure functions. eKiosk can now also manage email sending service. eKiosk is available in french and english. Need Mac OS 8 or later (OS X version in work).

  • new function : email kiosk sending service
  • new functions for internet kiosks
  • new startup screen option with personalized graphics
  • new functions to manage better security
  • new function to quit QuickTime, Real and Windows players
  • eKiosk can talk to users with speech manager

eKiosk is available for US$99. You can find more information at the AppMac Web site.