Mac Company Tapped For Madonna's Latest Release

QDesign has announced that Madonna and Warner Bros. Records have chosen the QDesign Music Codec to promote Madonnais new album. The QDesign Music Codec allows high quality, high compression of audio for superb sound and easy file transfer. According to QDesign:

QDesign Corporation, a leading provider of digital audio compression solutions for the Internet delivery, broadcast and new media markets, is pleased to announce that its QDesign Music Codec has been chosen as the streaming audio solution to promote Madonna?s eighth studio CD release.

Via the site, the Warner Bros. Records label (a division of the Warner Music Group) is offering Madonna fans free online access to her new album, entitled ?Music.? All tracks from the album are being streamed exclusively using the Apple QuickTime format featuring the QDesign Music Codec (coder/decoder). The QDesign Music Codec was designed to provide superior audio reproduction at lower bit rates for Internet delivery and has since been adopted for a wide variety of applications, including downloadable as well as streaming media. Award-winning Firstborn Multimedia of New York developed the new web site to showcase the latest Madonna album.

?Firstborn aims for quality when making recommendations for our clients,? states Mark Ferdman, Co-Founder of Firstborn Multimedia, ?and this requires we use the most engaging multimedia in our web development. Thus the Apple QuickTime platform and QDesign technology was the natural choice as we are able to deliver the highest quality audio to the end user.?

Also among the many features of the site is a QuickTime video of the first single and title song, ?Music,? plus interactive elements such as song lyrics and a user-remixable version of the song.

You can find more information at the QDesign web site.