Mac DNS Tool Receives Overhaul

Men & Mice have released a major upgrade to their Mac based DNS server tool, QuickDNS Pro. Version 3.0 offers a host of new features, including built-in remote administration capabilities. According to Men & Mice:

Men & Mice today released QuickDNS Pro 3.0, a DNS server and DNS Management System for Mac OS. The new system is a dramatically enhanced upgrade of Men & Mice?s QuickDNS Pro 2.2.1, offering unprecedented ease of use for the expert to novice user, numerous automated features and error controls. Among new features are remote administration, streamlined user interface, improved assistants and easy to use Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing that works with any web server.

Boost Your Budget and Save on Your IT Resources
The benefits of this low cost software to company?s budget can not be over-emphasized. By using QuickDNS Pro 3.0, business managers can allocate man-hours more efficiently by re-assigning DNS Management to less experienced IT Professionals. Companies with limited resources can now manage their own DNS. Among current QuickDNS Pro users are Internet Service Providers (ISP), corporations, government and educational institutions as well as small to medium size companies. The application is highly scalable for enterprises in a rapid growth mode.

Early next year, Men & Mice will release QuickDNS Pro for Mac OS X as well as a version for Windows, BIND on Linux, Solaris and other Operating Systems.

Keep Traffic to your Web-site Flawless with Ease
QuickDNS Pro 3.0 offers Intelligent Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing that is easy to set-up and operate and works with any web server. This technology is invaluable for companies needing to keep traffic to their web-site flawless. The Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance technology minimizes the failed lookups on a web site by directing traffic to a functional web server at all times. By running two or more servers, traffic can be directed to servers of choice, proportionate to their capacity. Non responding servers are automatically removed from the server line-up and replaced with the server next in line.

QuickDNS Pro is available for US$349. You can find more information at the Men & Mice web site.