Mac Developer In Last Stages Of Cancer Battle

MacCentral is reporting that Wendy Sternick, president of Kaetron Software, is in the midst of a losing battle with cancer. Sternick, one of the, "...founding members of the Mac development community" can use all of the positive feedback we can give her, as Mac users, fans, and human beings. According to the MacCentral article:

Wendy Sternick, one of the founding members of the Mac development community, is currently in the final stage of a terminal illness. Sheis been fighting cancer for two years.

"Although Wendy has had the best possible treatment at the world-renowned M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, her doctors have been unable to halt the advance of the disease," says Al Whipple, president of Alsoft, Inc. "She is one of my closest friends. Iive set up a Web page so that members of the Mac community can send a message to her to let her know that she is in their thoughts. This page is for those that know Wendy or have used her products, or just appreciate that she has been a longtime supporter of the Mac."

You can find the page, and more information, at