Mac GPS Communicator Updated With Expanded GPS Device Support

James Associates has released an update for MacGPS Pro, bringing it to version 4.0.4. MacGPS Pro is a utility designed for communicating between a Macintosh and a GPS location device. The update expandes available GPS unit support and integrates Bluetooth wireless connectivity. According to James Associates:

James Associates is proud to announce the release of MacGPS Pro version 4.0.4.

MacGPS Pro is the premier Macintosh program for communicating with a Garmin GPS receiver. It allows import of background maps from a wide variety of sources. Maps show the useris current location and velocity, GPS Waypoints, Track logs, and Routes.

Previously only Garmin GPS users could take advantage of MacGPS Prois many features. Now Magellan GPS owners can also use everything MacGPS Pro has to offer including transfer of waypoints, routes, tracklogs and satellite almanacs between the Magellan GPS receiver and their Macintosh.

Users of most other brands of NMEA serial interface GPS receivers can now use MacGPS Pro for presentation of real-time GPS information on a moving map on the Macintosh screen.

Bluetooth wireless GPS receivers are also now supported by MacGPS Pro. When using a GPS receiver without a display, MacGPS Pro gives you the waypoint, route, and tracklog capabilities you would have in a handheld GPS, but without the restrictions caused by the limited memory and small screen in a handheld. Want to record a tracklog for a two-week trip -- no problem!

You can find more information about the latest MacGPS Pro release at the James Associates Web site. MacGPS 4.0.4 is free for registered users, while the ful version is available for US$39.95.