Mac Gamer's Ledge To Be Bought By

In a surprise move, long time Mac gaming powerhouse Mac Gameris Ledge has announced they are being purchased by Hexoft Studios, the parent company of The two sites will be combined later this year into one site as MGLis staff is absorbed into According to MGL:

Hexoft Studios has agreed to terms with Mike Dixon to purchase his popular web site MacGamer’s Ledge, it was announced today by Hexoft President and CEO Robert Cummings. In keeping with company policy, terms of the contract were not announced. The MacGamer’s Ledge had been owned by Mr. Dixon since 1995. Hexoft, which also owns the web site Macgamer, will combine the sites later this year under the Macgamer name.

"Weive always wanted to create the best content for Macintosh gamers, and we feel that the acquisition of MacGamer’s Ledge (MGL) is a giant step in that direction," said Hexoft President and CEO Robert Cummings. "We have a tremendous amount of respect for the dedicated staff of MGL, and look forward to welcoming them to our growing family of writers, editors and artists. In this industry, content is king and we now feel that we are poised to deliver an unprecedented volume of topnotch content to our readers and the Mac gaming community."

"My overwhelming trust of the guys at with the task of not only maintaining MGL but taking it to the next level was the number one reason we chose to do business with Hexoft," says founder of MGL Mike Dixon. "With several other full-time commitments in addition to running MGL, I alone could not handle the ever-growing tasks associated with running such a site. In order to keep the site thriving, I sought a better solution for our staff and our readership. I am extremely confident that this new site will not only satisfy MGLis loyal reader expectations, but attract many new readers eager to get the best and latest Mac game content on the web."

You can find out more about the acquisition at MGLis Web site.