Mac Installer Application Updated

Public Access Software has updated their installer maker for Mac OS 9 and OS X, MacInstall, to version 1.2. MacInstall allows developers to easily create simple installer programs for the applications for both Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X. According to Public Access Software:

MacInstall, the simple Mac software installer, is now at version 1.2. This new versions bring numerous enhancements and totally new features including:

  • MacInstall Compression - stores all files and folders to be installed in a single compressed file preserving and protecting all items to be installed while reducing the overall installer size.

  • Mac OS X Compatibility - MacInstall installers can run on Mac OS X via Carbon and install to many Mac OS X-only locations. MacInstall Editor also runs natively on Mac OS X and now integrates Mac OS X-only features into the software including Sheets, mouse scroll wheel support and Mac OS Xis Aqua interface guidelines.

MacInstall is designed to be simple and efficient and is targeted specifically at the growing Mac ShareWare and FreeWare markets. MacInstall can also be deployed in small organizations such as User Groups, Churches and Schools with a wide mix of Mac computers at minimal cost.

Pricing for MacInstall starts at US$20. You can find more information at the Public Access Software Web site.