Mac OS (Classic & OS X) FTP Server Solution Adds Web Interface

Maxum Development has released an update to Rumpus that brings the FTP server solution to version 3.1. Rumpus is designed to make it easy for people to send, receive, and manage files from and to a Mac. The company touts its ease of use for both the admin and the user. The new version includes several new features, including the ability to add a Web interface to the server. From Maxum:

Maxum Development is pleased to announce an update to Rumpus, the premier FTP server for Mac OS and Mac OS X. Rumpusi already extensive FTP implementation has been extended with numerous usability enhancements and feature additions, but most of Maxumis efforts for this release have focused on the extremely popular Web File Manager.

Introduced in Rumpus 3, the Web File Manager adds an easy to use Web interface to the Rumpus FTP server. The Web File Manager allows remote clients to upload, download and manage files, create and delete folders, traverse folders, and perform other FTP-like actions through a simple, consistent and customizable interface. All user access restrictions and other setup options defined for FTP are automatically applied to the Web File Manager, reducing the administratoris setup task to the click of a checkbox.

For Rumpus 3.1, the Web File Manager has been extended to include a brand new, bolder alternate appearance, and extended template examples, making it easier for administrators to customize the look of the Web File Manager for their own needs. The Web server that makes the WFM possible, which is built-in to Rumpus, has also been revised to support generic HTTP server capabilities and multiple host support.

Rumpus 3.1 also includes usability enhancements such as expiring user accounts, reserved administration connections, and the ability to tightly restrict FTP access to only specified IP addresses. For OS X users, Rumpus now includes Maxumis AppRunner utility, introduced a few weeks ago in iAssist, which can launch, monitor, and restart not only Rumpus, but any crucial server application. Perhaps most importantly, the Rumpus package has been enhanced with new help articles covering such topics as FTP Networking, using "port forwarding" to serve FTP on private networks, and working with and customizing the Web File Manager.

Maxum is making the update available for free to registered owners who purchased previous versions since January 1st, 2002. Otherwise, the update is priced at US$79, or US$129 for the Professional version. The full version is priced at US$249 or US$395, respectively. You can find more information on the title at Maxumis Web site.