Mac OS Guru Shipping MySQL4X Manager 2.2

Mac OS Guru has release an update for MySQL4X Manager , bringing it to version 2.2. MySQL4X Manager is an SQL database interface designed for Web development and database management. The update features performance enhancements including graphical browsing and SQL execution commands. According to Mac OS Guru:

Mac OS Guru has released MySQL4X Manager 2.2 for Mac OS X - the professional database management client for MySQL.

MySQL4X Manager is more than just a simple database browser. It gives you full control over your MySQL3.23 and MySQL4.x database server, displays various administrative information, including a full featured graphical manager for users and access privileges.

With MySQL4X Manager you can check and repair damaged tables, schedule your backup and monitor the database server (including current client processes). MySQL4X Manager gives you control over every aspect of your MySQL database server.

MySQL4X Manager is the successor to our very successful SQL4X Manager product. MySQL4X Manager has been developed for Mac OS X only and extensively uses Appleis core technologies introduced with Mac OS X 10.2. This gives you a real Mac OS X user experience.

MySQL4X Manager features:

  • graphically browse your databases, tables and data in a Mac OS X Finder-style column view
  • graphically create and modify databases, tables, data, indexes and users
  • create, store and execute SQL queries with the graphical SQL Console
  • execute SQL commands and scripts
  • monitor MySQL server status
  • check, optimize and repair your databases
  • Import data from text (CSV, Tab-Delimited, etc.) files (Pro Edition only)
  • automatically create backupis of your local and remote databases (includes Job Scheduler to repeat backupis at specified times) (Pro Edition only)

You can find more information about the MySQL4X update at the Mac OS Guru Web site. MySQL4X Manager 2.2 is available starting at US$49.00 for the basic version.