Mac OS Guru Shipping SQL4X Manager Update

Mac OS Guru has release a new app for Mac Web developers, SQL4X Manager J 2.1. SQL4X Manager J is a SQL database Interface deigned for Web development and database management. The update features multiple database vendor support and other performance enhancements. According to Mac OS Guru:

We are proud to announce the new SQL4X Manager J 2.1. The new SQL4X Manager J is the easiest way to access SQL database servers from Mac OS X. SQL4X Manager J supports all major database vendors (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, OpenBase, MySQL and several others).

SQL4X Manager J is designed to support developers and web site administrators. It features:

  • a New Connection Assistant to easily set up a JDBC connection to your database server (and even download the JDBC driver if it isnit already installed)
  • the JDBC Finder to browse in a Mac OS X Finder-style column view through your database, double-click to open and edit a table, display table information (like number of records, table design and foreign keys) and view images stored in BLOB fields
  • the DB Navigator to get an All-in-One View for developers (data, table definition and keys)
  • SimpleReporter4X to automatically convert you query results in a report or generate and print your own reports
  • SQL Console to run your own queries and scripts. Supports syntax coloring and non-update-queries (for instance to create tables or run stored procedures)

You can find more information about the SQL4X Manager J update at the Mac OS Guru Web site. SQL4X Manager J 2.1 is available for US$59.00.