Mac OS Guru Updates SQL4X Manager J With PHP And JSP Generators

Mac OS Guru has released an update for SQL4X Manager J, bringing it to version 2.6. SQL4X Manager J is a SQL database Interface designed for Web development and database management. The update features a new PHP and JSP code generator and a data transfer manager. According to Mac OS Guru:

SQL4X Manager J 2.6 has been released today. SQL4X Manager J is the first class database management solution for Mac OS X. SQL4X Manager J assists Web and database developers, administrators and power users with their database related tasks.

SQL4X Manager J is a comprehensive graphical Interface for web and database developers to access any JDBC compliant database server. You can choose between a terminal-like graphical SQL Console with SQL syntax coloring and table name auto-completion to execute your own SQL commands and a fully graphical schema and table browser.

Whatis new in this release:

  • Data Transfer Manager (DTM) to copy (migrate) tables and databases. Supports copy from and to any JDBC enabled database server
  • Reporting Tool to easily create and print simple reports based on your database queries
  • GUI enhancements for beginners
  • SQL Script Editor to modify embedded SQL scripts to retrieve status information from your database server (for usage with Database Navigator/Corner Menu)
  • New PHP and JSP code generator. The JSP code generator supports all major databases and generates JSP code compatible with all major JSP containers (like Tomcat, etc). The generated code can be post-processed with Dreamweaver MX

You can find more information about the SQL4X Manager J update at the Mac OS Guru Web site. SQL4X Manager J 2.6 is available for US$59.00.