Mac OS Tool For Accessing Online Dictionary Sites Updated

Navdeep Bains has updated his utility for accessing online dictionary information, MacDICT, to version 2.0. MacDICT allows users to look up words and definitions from a number of online sources through one simple, stand-alone application. According to Mr. Bains:

MacDICT lets you access a growing number of databases, including Websters Dictionary, for free! Other databases include the US Gazetter, Free Online Dictionary of Computing, WordNet, Jargon File, and the CIA World Factbook.

Changes - 2.0:

  • Removed the Search feature because of copyright concerns, I might replace it with a plug-in system in the future.
  • Removed and/or rewrote a lot of outdated code.
  • MacDICT now supports UTF-8, as required by the DICT RFC
  • MacDICT now supports authentication.
  • BabelFish works again.
  • Added an alternate view for definitions("Donit Organize Results")
  • Added a Welcome window that briefly describes all of MacDICTis features.
  • Expanded font customization options.
  • Various interface changes.

MacDICT is available for US$10. You can find more information at Mr. Bainsi Web site.