Mac OS X 10.0.2 (Think Faster) & More iBook Things You Should Know

We are working on a more in-depth look at Mac OS X 10.0.2, but we wanted to offer some quick thoughts on the update. The biggest thing that we have noticed at The Mac Observer Labs is that the new version is much faster than Mac OS X 10.0.1 or 10.0. Window resizing is quicker, switching apps is faster, scrolling is swifter, pull down menus are speedier, dock response is closer to gazelle-like than slug-like, and the day is beautiful. Seriously. Even Classic apps seem to be tighter.

We also realized that despite OS Xis robust multi-threaded interior, you are tempting fates by installing the update with other applications up and running. The update requires a reboot anyway, so we suggest you close open apps before running the update. The potential danger is that should the updater crash while updating, you could lose your file system or data. Itis not likely, but why tempt fate when you donit have to? You have been warned.

Tune in tomorrow for a more in-depth look at the new update.

We also wanted to offer some more observations on the new iBooks that we noticed today. The FireWire port supports bus power for external devices. For mobile users, not having to carry power bricks with you is a boon beyond measure. We also wanted to specifically note that the new iBooks use the same memory modules as the Titanium PowerBook. Remember that when looking for iBook memory. The batteries are also smaller, something we didnit note in yesterdayis "Spec Differences" piece. The new iBook has a 42-watt battery, while the old iBook has a 50-watt battery. The battery life is rated at 5 hours, as opposed to the 6 hour battery life of the old model.