Mac OS X 10.1 Flies Off The Shelves, Some Stores Burned Copies For Customers

At most locations offering the Mac OS X 10.1 update this weekend, demand far outstripped the supply of upgrade packets from Apple. In response, many Mac retailers took the effort to burn copies of the CD: we have reports of many CompUSAs and other Mac retailers around the country burning additional copies of the CDs as soon as they arrived. This came as many of that retaileris locations did not receive their shipments at all, and even more didnit receive their shipments until sometime on Saturday, a delay most unwelcome to both the stores and the many Mac users looking for the upgrade.

Those CompUSA locations that did receive shipments of the CD got 50 of the upgrade packets, half the number expected. CompUSAis PR department had told The Mac Observer that each store would receive 100 upgrade packets. One store manager told us that he didnit found out about the change in plans until he received an e-mail late on Friday night, indicating that the company was working on logistics up until the last moment.

The Apple Stores seem to have been stocked (weive had reports from 5 out of the 7 Stores that are open) the best, but some of those locations also ran out during the first few hours of Saturday. On the other side of the coin, one Apple Specialist tell us that they had plenty of copies to meet the heavy demand from Saturday and still have some left today. Still other locations wonit be receiving their packets until today or tomorrow.

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