Mac OS X Beta Now Available In Canada

Canadian users, such as your author, certainly noticed that when Apple announced the beta version of Mac OS X, it was not available through the Canadian Apple Store. Several Observers, such as Canadian Corey Reid, e-mailed us yesterday, venting their unhappiness about not being able to order Mac OS X:

How are people outside the US supposed to get their hands on OS X? Apple Store US doesnit export, and Apple Store Canada doesnit have the yummy X goodness.

Iim Canadian, and Iim choked.

Not anymore. As of this morning, Canadian Macheads can order their own copy of Mac OS X Beta at Click on the Store tab and you will find Mac OS X Beta options.

The Store gives an estimated shipping time of 1 day, which is excellent considering that demand has so far been high enough to temporarily bring down the US Apple Storeis Web site.