Mac OS X System Imaging Utility Released

systeMacs has released a new app for network administrators, boxIT. boxIT is a remote system image installer designed for installing complete system images to multiple computers from a single remote source. The app supports FireWire, USB, and SCSI devices for implementation and features the ability to have multiple deployments simultaneously. According to systeMacs:

systeMacs, the Mac enterprise computing experts, today announced the release of boxIT, a new software product that allows Macintosh computers to have system software and applications instantly installed from a remote computer, in addition to unprecedented backup and restore functionality for Macs.

With boxIT, a disk image of a customized Mac with a properly configured operating system and applications is copied to an external FireWire, USB or SCSI device. This image can be deployed to an unlimited number of user computers simultaneously. When problems occur, the user or IT support person can restore this image in less than one hour.

You can find more information about the boxIT release at the systeMacs Web site. boxIT pricing is available by contacting the systeMacs sales team.