Mac Observer Adds Mac Games Editor To Editorial Staff

We are very excited to announce that we have created the position of Mac Games Editor at The Mac Observer (TMO). Cory Harrison, long time Contributing Editor to TMO, will be assuming the mantle of Games Editor starting immediately. Cory is best known as Gaius Marius to the legions of Myth and Myth 2 players that he has defeated over the years on, and Williamhage in the many FPS games that he dwells on somewhat obsessively.

The Mac gaming market has never before seen as many top-notch gaming titles, or gaming publishers, and many Observers have let us know that they would like to see more gaming coverage in the pages of TMO. Cory will be offering daily gaming news, and will help direct our game reviews.

Please send Cory a warm welcome, and feel free to pass on any news tips you come across!

Bryan Chaffin
The Mac Observer