Mac Oni Demo Released, Carbonized For OS X Too!

Matt Soell of Bungie posted a note on the Oni Central Web site yesterday afternoon stating that the Mac version of the Oni Demo was in the hands of the developers at Gathering of Developers, the company who secured the rights to the Oni franchise in the recent Bungie buy-out by Microsoft. Here is a quote from the post:

Hey All-

Just got word that the reworked Mac demo is almost ready to go. Weill be sending it to Gathering later today. They might run it through another testing gauntlet but in any case you shouldnit have to wait much longer. Thanks for being patient with us. :-)


Early this morning, the demo was actually released to the world, and is being hosted by our friends at MacGamer. The Mac demo is carbonized, meaning that it will run in OS X as well as Mac OS 9, making this a very cool demo indeed. You can download the demo from MacGameris Web site. You can find more information about the full game at Bungieis Web site.