Mac SETI@home Team Needs Your Help!

It has been a long time since our last SETI@home update, but we have made some changes that will hopefully help us make them more frequently. In any event, Team Mac Observer has fallen back to the #16 Club Team position after being passed by the Forum Hardware.FR Team, which has rocketed up more than 10 places in the last 2 months. Team Nippon, the team directly ahead of Team Mac Observer, has been slowly losing ground to us, but has stubbornly held on to a lead of 134 Work Units. OS/2 Warp has also been gaining ground after many weeks of being outpaced by Team Mac Observer. Team Switzerland is being stomped by our Team however, and before all is said and done, we should pass OS/2 Warp, Team Switzerland, and Team Nippon to claim the #13 Club Team. Not bad for bunch of Mac heads!

Overall, Team Mac Observer now claims 679 members! A staggering feat and we thank everyone who has joined! We have contributed some 232,778 work units for a stunning 378.00 CPU years of total time. We are averaging 14 hours, 13 minutes, and 30.0 seconds per Work Unit making us among the faster Top 20 Club Teams.

On the member side, we have updated the Top 20 Most Completed Units and Top 20 Fastest Members lists on the Team Mac Observer home page. we have also stopped updating the Roster page as the team has just gotten two large. That information is updated live at the SETI@home Web site on our own Team page. We have also had some new Company members join. Any company that signs up two or more computers can have their logo on our Team Home Page, so make sure you let us know! We appreciate all the support we have gotten from the Mac community.

If you would like to show your support for the Mac community, join Team Mac Observer. The SETI@home project is great fun and a fantastic scientific effort. In addition, it has set all kinds of precedents for large scale distributed processing that will impact the way we think of computers in the years to come. The Mac platform is the 2nd highest contributor, though far behind the Windows platform as a whole. The Windows platform is averaging 22 hours, 44 minutes, and 09.9 seconds per Work Unit, while the Mac platform is averaging 16 hours, 01 minutes, and 41.1 seconds. With 2,251,963 people having joined the project, there are a lot of eyeballs watching how things are going. You can help by joining!