Mac Show To Feature Rodney O. Lain, CNN Tech Correspondent,

The Mac Show is in a tough time slot this week: opposite Steve Jobsi MACWORLD Tokyo keynote speech. However the Mac Show gang will be keeping listeners updated regarding all the big announcements. This weekis special guest will be our very own Rodney O. Lain, currently in the midst of the "squeezable G4 TiBook" controversy. This weekis show will also feature CNN Technical Correspondent, Ed Curran. According to the Mac Show:

Decisions, decisions....

The Mac Show is on at the same time as Steve Jobsi Keynote from Macworld Tokyo...What to listen to...?

Well, unless you are in a location where you can get the satellite feed, why not tune in to The Mac Show and get the news the same time as everyone else?

While youire waiting for Expo announcements from Tokyo, youill also be able to hear from and talk to Ed Curran, Technology Correspondent for CNN and publisher of Ed has some very interesting things to say about Apple and itis products.

Long time listeners of The Mac Show know that they have been pushing and promoting wider use of the Airport technology since it was first announced. One such implementation of that is being run in San Francisco and is called Theyill talk to AirWave about the technology and even give away some accounts to qualified listeners!

Speaking of giveaways, in the Tech Tips segment, sponsored by Tech Tool Pro 3, NewerRamis Ryan Thompson will talk about RAM, why itis so inexpensive now and what 3-2-2 means. And someone will win 128 megs of the stuff!

The Mac Show always has the best guests and the best giveaways. Take for example the Mac Games segment on Wednesdayis show - Peter Cohen of MacCentral will talk to Jeff Smith of Gathering of Developers about their latest highly anticipated release, Oni. Will The Mac Show give away a copy of Oni? Naw - theyire giving away a complete G.O.D. Games Mac Pack! Thatis right - one each of *all* of G.O.D. Gamesi Mac titles!

To round out this jam-packed show, the MacMedia Pro segment with Mark Stevens will have John Borden of Peace River Studios on and Ron Fairbairn will be back with Mac Basics, sponsored by Mac Home magazine!

And, as always, they have lots of other swag to give away - Podium Coolpads, "Down & Dirty Photoshop 6 Tricks" by Scott Kelby and t-shirts from!

You can tune into the Mac Show every Wednesday evening from 9-11:00PM EST.