Mac Sightings - Planet Of The Apes Apes Designed With A Mac

During a show on the Discovery Channel called The Real Planet Of The Apes, we saw a pretty cool Mac Sighting. The Real Planet Of The Apes is a clever effort by the Discovery Empire to recycle a great documentary on apes and monkeys by David Attenborough by combining it with footage and other information from the new hit movie remake of The Planet Of The Apes. The original documentary is very good, and the special information on the movie is also pretty entertaining.

We found it even more entertaining during a segment on the makeup for the apes in the movie that featured the lead costume and makeup designer for the movie. We didnit catch his name, so if you know who it is, please drop it in the comments below. At one point, the designer was talking about how his team had designed the ape makeup and started stepping us through the layers of one of the female characters on, now wait for it, a Mac. This Mac was booted into Classic for those keeping score at home.

We have a thread on The Planet Of The Apes in our forums. If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.