Mac Sightings: A World Famous Poet & His Three Mac Laptops

How many Mac portables does it take to keep a famous poet in action? The answer is, apparently, three. Observer Jeff Oswald writes that Rod McKuen recently stopped in his Mac shop with three Mac portables in need of some help. From Observer Jeff Oswald:

While working in my shop yesterday, I had a rather distinguished guest walk in. He was carrying 3 different Mac laptops: a tangerine iBook, a Pismo, and a Titanium G4. He needed a little help and was from out of town. The gentleman was none other than the world renowned poet, Rod McKuen. I gathered he was a long time Mac user and would soon be releasing a new book completely produced on the Titanium. You can visit his site at and say hello. He was and is one of this countryis finest poets and one of the true revolutionaries of the mind.

Though not a Mac sighting in the sense of movie or TV presence, it is nonetheless a great sighting and a personal high water mark to have helped this fine writer.

John Oswald

We think that qualifies as an outstanding Mac Sighting, Jeff, and thanks for the note! If you have a Mac sighting, let us know.