Mac Sightings Is Now The Mac Sight

Mac Sightings, a central database for sightings of all things Apple from television, movies, and print, has changed its name to The Mac Sight. From The Mac Sight:

Spideris Parlor Productions, the parent company of Mac Sightings, has announced a name and URL change for the site. The name Mac Sightings served the site well but was not the type of name wanted for the site.

The site has been renamed "The Mac Sight" with itis own url of

This new name signifies the direction that the site is going. Since the site has more than just the most complete database of Apple product sightings in popular media, the site needed a name that captured all of the site.

The site was created with the end user in mind. Sporting a GeekLog driven database, finding and submitting sightings has never been easier.

The site also contains an entrepreneurial-friendly Swag Store listing. This list contains swag store listings for Mac-related web stores that sell items such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more. All of the good with little of the bad. Submissions are encouraged.

Swag Shop Reviews takes each Mac-related online swag store through the virtual wringer so that consumers will get the most for their money. Each week there will be a new review of a swag shop. After the review goes live visitors to the site will be able to vote to keep the shop in the listing, or kick it off the "island".

You can get more information at The Mac Sightis Web site. Spider can also be found in our own Mac Observer Forums, and in our IRC channel.