Mac Site To Offer Free Web Hosting, Development

Want a web site, but not sure where to start? If Appleis iTools are a bit much for you, perhaps you should give the new service offered by Macinstein a shot. Macinstein has announced that they are now providing pre-built web templates, and hosting space, for Mac users wanting to get on the web. According to Macinstein:

Macinstein offers a FREE website building tool and hosting facility. Macinstein offers 5 page Mac themed websites for those Mac users who would like to have a voice on the Mac web but do not yet have any avenues of creating themselves a web presence. We currently have 8 different templates to choose from and you will be able to build the pages with your content and your photos.When you build your site, you will have full control over your META tags (for search engine indexing), title, content, counter, and a contact form (to keep email address private). When you are through building your web site, in our administration area, you can check out our recommendations for search engine submission sites and start getting people to your site.

The sites that are built here will automatically be put into our search engine and our ratings button will be dynamically placed on your site to help your site come up more frequently as you get a higher rating on Macinstein.

Your website address will be either:


Coming soon: Your very own news section. Like Macinsteinis front page, you will be able to create, update and manage news or events to show up on the main page of your website, which will also be listed with other users of this service on Macinsteinis site. As visitors click on the links, like Macinstein, you will be brought to your news area, where people can read your news, events, or announcements and still have a menu to get to your other news items, while remaining completely on your site. Watch for it.

You can find more information at the Macinstein web site.