Mac Software Nabs Thief in New Zealand

Macintosh software designed at Waikato University in New Zealand has led to the arrest of the thief who stole an Apple iMac from the home of a university staff member. The software identified the computeris whereabouts to within 100 meters, according to a story at Stuff.

When the thief set up the iMac at its new location, the software communicated with the stolen Mac and provided its rough location. Then, the iSight camera was instructed to start taking pictures. Armed with an image of the room, which appeared to be an apartment or dormitory, and the location, within about 300 ft, the Hamilton police found the computer and arested a man. Heis now facing a court appearance.

The software is expected to be distributed free to all schools and universities in New Zealand.

"We hope it will be a deterrent to thieves who often treat schools as supermarkets," said Dr. Steve Lichtweiss, IT group manager at the School of Education. He pointed out that the university has no interest in making money from the software.

Right now, the software is only available for Macs, however the IT group is working on a PC version.

This free software would be most welcome in the U.S., but the story didnit elaborate on that possibility.