Mac Spotting: PowerBooks At JPL, As Mars Gets The Spirit

Three days into the 2004 and NASA can already claim it to be a banner year. Why? Because the NASA probe for the Mars Exploration Mission landed safely on Mars at around 8:45 PM(PST) on Jan. 3, 2004. The probe carried a rover called Spirit that is similar to the famous rover, Sojourner, of the Pathfinder Mars Mission in 1997. Like Sojourner, the little-robot-that-could, Spirit will plod, poke, and probe the martian surface while the world watches in collective awe.

If youill stop by the Mars Exploration Rover Mission Web site, youill find photos fresh from the surface of Mars. If you look closer at the photo of the mission team cheering after the probe landed, however, youill see several PowerBooks among the paraphernalia at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Cheers among PBs at JPL as Spirit Responds

Our thanks to Alejandro Coppens for writing us and alerting us to this sighting. Alejandro also says he spotted several OS X screen shots, identifiable because of the Dock, during the news coverage of the Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Mr. Alejandro said, "I think you can call that good iExposurei...".

We couldnit agree more.

Stop by NASAis Mars Exploration Mission Web site for more information.