Mac Stop Motion

Boinx Software has released a preview of iStopMotion 1.0. As its name suggests, iStopMotion is a Mac OS X stop motion software package, The new version is part of the 1.0 preview series. New features in the release include the ability to edit frames in an external editor, the ability to export frames, and a new licensing scheme which includes a free version. From Boinx Software:

A new release of Boinx iStopMotion is available, dubbed V1.0 Preview. A number of cool new features include editing of frames in an external image editor application and exporting of frames. The licensing model includes a free Lite license, which offers all the features at an Internet-suitable resolution.

Development of 1.0 release nearly complete

New cool features

The outstanding new feature is the ability to edit frames directly in an external image editor like Adobe Photoshop. The edited frames are automatically reimported into Boinx iStopMotion after saving in the image editor. Another cool new feature is the blinking mode, where the current video feed is displayed in rapid alteration with the last captured frame. Other new features give the UI a more complete feeling, like the context menus. A full list of the new features can be found in the ReadMe file that accompanies the package.

Free Lite License

Boinx iStopMotion now requires a license to operate. Three licensing options are available: a free Lite license, that has all the features and allows movies to have a resolution of up to 320 x 240 pixels, suitable for Internet-Distribution; a DV license, regularly priced at $39.95 (for non-EU customers) / Euro 41.00 (incl. 16% German VAT for EU customers) allows you to create Movies in DV resolution, suitable for editing with iMovie or Final Cut Pro/Express and distribution on DVD; and a Pro version, that will be available later this year and offer higher resolution. A time limited DV demo license can be obtained from the Boinx iStopMotion website. More details about the licensing model is to be found at Educational Volume Licensing is available.

Pro Beta Program

A lot of current Boinx iStopMotion users already use higher resultion than DV. For them, Boinx Software offers a Pro Beta Program that lets them continue to use iStopMotion at higher resolutions.

The iStopMotion Version 1.0 Preview is available now. The Lite version, which supports animations of up to 320x240 in size, is free to use. The DV version, supporting resolutions of 720x576, is US$39.95. A unlimited Pro version is coming soon.