Mac Summoner Release To Be Close To The PC Release, Trailer Available

We contacted Volition yesterday in order to dig up a final release date for the Mac version of Summoner. It has been announced that the PC version of the game is close to completion. We wanted to confirm wether or not a simultaneous release for both Mac and PC was a possibility, and we received a reply that contained some very good news indeed.

According to a Volition representative, a Mac version is set to ship in mid-late April, while the PC version will be out end of March. We also received word that a multiplayer feature often missing from our favorite games has been included. PC and Mac versions of Summoner will be playable over the Internet between both PC and Mac gamers. Co-op play is a feature allowing gamers to choose a character and play as a team through the game, effectively increasing replayability two-fold. The exact quote we received from Volition:

The Mac version of Summoner is set to ship in mid-late April while the PC version will be out by the end of March.

As far as the two versions go I believe they play almost identical. Iill confirm this with our producers here, but both versions should be just about the same. I also know that PC and Mac players will be able to hook up online for co-op multiplayer games.

While the PC demo for Summoner was released recently, but unfortunately, Volition has no plans for a Mac version of the Summoner demo in the near future.

Summoner is an fully 3d RPG (role playing game) that puts you in the role of a Summoner, a feared and despised magic user who has the ability to "summon" fierce and destructive demons, mythical monsters, and elementals. The game is being developed by Volition, and is in the process of being ported to the Mac by Graphsim.

In related news, Volition has released a new trailer movie showcasing some of the breathtaking 3d landscapes you will explore, vicious monsters you will do battle with, and magic effects that will dazzle your senses. The trailer is a 19 MB AVI download that requires the Bink movie player to view.