Mac To English Translation: Error Codes Explained

Bleu Rose Ltd. has updated their Mac OS error identification utility, Black & Bleu, to version 2.1. Black & Bleu lists over 4,000 Mac error codes and their real world meanings, and version 2.1 offers more detailed error descriptions and more robust search and sort features. According to Bleu Rose:

Black and Bleu(tm) is an application that lists 4,384 Macintosh OS error codes with Appleis cryptic explanation of each. Black & Bleu enhances Appleis explanation of these Mac OS error codes by providing less cryptic and more useful detailed explanations and remedies for many of these errors. It takes the mystery out of error codes with explanations in plain English. This is the most comprehensive list of Mac OS errors currently available anywhere.

New customers or ones upgrading from version 1.n of Black & Bleu(tm) will enjoy the following features of Black & Bleu v2.1:

  • 4,384 error codes
  • Many more detailed explanations
  • Annotate our explanations with your own text
  • Hexadecimal error codes
  • Error codes sorted numerically
  • Error code listing by group, number and name
  • Full text search for words, phrases or numbers
  • Sad Mac codes and explanations
  • Free analysis of errors that donit have a detailed explanation
  • Simple to use interface

Black & Bleu is available for US$29 as an electronic download, or US$41 on CD. You can find more information at the Bleu Rose Ltd. web site.