Mac User-Created Movie Explores Colored Flat-Panel iMacs

Who is George Masters? Aside from being one of the newest members of the TMO forums, heis someone who makes animated movies. Mr. Masters pointed us to a new "iMac commercial" he has made to explore the idea of colored flat-panel iMacs, and we think itis very cool. From his Web site:

Ever wonder if flat panel iMacs will come in colors like the original gumdrop? Ever wonder what a commercial for colored flat-panel iMacs would look like? No? Well I spend way too much time thinking about such things. Inspired by the many talented designers at Apple and the music of Living Color, here then is my answer to a question that has nagged me since January 2002, when the machine was originally released. Maybe now I can free up some brain space for more important questions such as why Little Orphan Orangeis parents abandoned her.

The spot is reminiscent of Appleis original gumdrop G3 iMac commercials, but Mr. Mastersis has taken the idea of color to extremes with his virtual iMacs, as you can see from the screen shots below.

Click the thumbnails to see larger images

The commercial itself is definitely worth checking out. Note, too, that there are two other movies being hosted on Mr. Mastersi Web site.