Mac User Offers Satirical Look At PowerMac Fan Noise

Appleis PowerMac G4 systems have often been described as noisy, and one seemingly irate Mac user has offered up his own thoughts on the issue in the form of satire. We received a note in our inbox sending us to a .Mac home page, where we found the following image:

There was no additional information provided, but we thought it worth a mention. Not all of Appleis G4 systems are as noisy. The PowerBook G4 can get noisy when it runs hot, but the discontinued Cube was fanless, and the iMac G4 is all but fanless. Both of the latter two models tend to run very quietly. The PowerMac G4 tower has tended to run with fans going at all times since the single processor units were introduced.

You can find the image at the .Mac home page linked above.