Mac Using Lawyers Get Version Of Transcript Software has announced a Macintosh version of their popular electronic court transcript viewer, . The e-transcript Mac Viewer. The new program allows Mac using lawyers to view standard electronic formats of court transcripts via e-mail or diskette, a feature long available for Windows users. According to, a company, today released a version of its industry-standard electronic transcript software for Macintosh users who want to view, search and print transcripts received via e-mail or on diskette.

"We recognized that the Mac is experiencing a resurgence among lawyers who need access to the same technology as those on other platforms," said Marty Steinberg, President of "The demand for this product was high and we?re glad to extend all the conveniences of using digital transcripts to Mac-using attorneys as well as those on PCs."

Created by court reporters and delivered to attorneys via e-mail or on diskette, an e-transcript comes as a read-only, accurate, encrypted, virus and password-protected, self-executable (.exe) file. Once an attorney has downloaded the free Mac Viewer application, all the software necessary for viewing, searching and printing is embedded in the e-transcript.

e-transcript provides guaranteed page and line number integrity so attorneys get a consistent, professional transcript with each e-transcript. Using the Mac Viewer, attorneys can view an e-transcript on their computer screen that looks the same as the traditional paper transcript. The digital format, however, makes for quick and easy review.

The e-transcript Mac Viewer is available as a free download from the web site.