Mac mini BTO SuperDrive Cut Back to 4X [UPDATE]

On Tuesday, we noted that Apple had cut pricing for some Mac mini BTO options, and that the SuperDrive option had been boosted from 4x to 8x speed. Today, the Apple Store cut the BTO SuperDrive back to 4x, as first noted by MacCentral, but the company is now saying that the 8x option was merely a typo, and that a 4x SuperDrive has always been the only BTO option for Mac minis.

At the same time, a MacNN report noted that the SuperDrive included with the Mac mini reads at 8x speed, which may have been the source of the original mixup at the Apple Store.

Curiously, Apple includes an 8x SuperDrive on the eMac, a model aimed mainly at the education market, while the consumer iMac G5 -- a model aimed at people who want to do things like make and burn their own movies -- has a 4x SuperDrive like the Mac mini.

You can find more information on the Mac mini at Appleis Web site, and you can see the BTO pricing by selecting a Mac mini model at the Apple Store.

[Update: This story was updated to reflect additional information on the Mac mini BTO option.]