Mac mini Goes Retro with Steampunk

The Macintosh may be cutting edge technology, but that didnit stop Dave Veloz from giving his mini a fantastic Steampunk work over. The mod included a redesigned keyboard, display, computer, and power supply -- all suitable for any proper Victorian household wanting the latest in mechanical marvels.

Steampunk Mac mini

Steampunk, or devices designed to look like a cross between modern technology and the steam power and brass look of the 19th century Victorian era, tend to take on a more romantic look, and Mr. Velozis Mac mini is no exception. The keyboard is built from a brass and leather frame with glass and nickel keys, the monitor sports a brass frame and granite base, and the CPU includes a period-correct paint job.

The Steampunk Mac mini isnit likely find its way into mainstream Mac design, but it makes for a great interpretation of Jonathan Iveis work.

[Image courtesy of Steampunk Workshop]