Mac mini Pimps a '69 Nova SS

Whatis cooler than a 1969 Chevy Nova SS? A 1969 Chevy Nova SS with a Mac mini installed! A musician who handed his classic car over to Classic Restorations apparently thinks so as well, and the tuning shop has posted the first photos of the MacNova.

Classic Restorations installed the Mac mini in the Novais dash and hooked it up to a 7-inch touch screen. The musician informed them that he wanted to be able to plug a USB keyboard into it so he could enter his compositions as they came to him while driving so Classic Restorations also dropped a four-port USB hub into the dash, as well as a USB knob for controlling volume and other basic functions. The Mac mini functions as a conventional head unit, hooked up to Infinity amps and Alpine speakers.

A 3.5MB video shows the Mac mini playing an iTunes visual effect. Next week, Classic Restorations will post detailed photos and video of the completed project, as well as a first look at the MacJeep.