Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Updated: Portables & Desktops Compared

Charles Gaba updated his Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Monday. The System Shootouts compare Macintosh systems from Apple to comparably priced systems from Wintel vendors, usually Dell. The point of the comparison is to offer a feature-by-feature look at what you get for your money for those contemplating a new computer. The updates look further at Appleis portable and desktop lines, and he introduced a new work station comparison.

The latest updates include:

  • $1,500 Ultraportable Laptops (Apple 12" PowerBook vs. Dell Inspirion 700m)
  • $2,000 Laptops (Apple 15" PowerBook vs. Dell Inspirion 6000)
  • $2,500 Laptops (Apple 17" PowerBook vs. Dell Inspirion 9300)
  • Entire Apple Laptop Lineup (all iBooks & PowerBooks)
  • Apple vs. Apple: 12" iBook vs. 12" PowerBook
  • Educational $650 Desktops (Apple Mac mini vs. Dell Dimension 3000)
  • $2,800 Desktops (Apple Power Mac G5 vs. Dell XPS 400)
  • $3,300 Desktops (Apple Power Mac G5 vs. Dell XPS 400)
  • Professional Apple Desktop Lineup (all 3 Power Mac models)

and finally, the ultimate:

  • $5,300 Workstations! (Apple Power Mac QUAD G5 vs. Dell Precision 670 Workstation)

You can find the updates at the Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Web site.