Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Updated with New PowerBooks

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Charles Gaba has updated the Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Web site with new shootouts for the new PowerBooks Apple announced on Monday. Apple announced speed bumps across the PowerBooks line, as well as other new features like Bluetooth 2.0, Sudden Motion Sensor technology, and new scroll features in the track pad.

Accordingly, Mr. Gaba has added five new shootouts:

  • $1,500 Ultraportable Laptop Shootout
  • $2,000 Laptop Shootout
  • $2,300 Laptop Shootout
  • $2,700 Desktop Replacement Shootout
  • Apple vs. Apple: 12" iBook vs. 12" PowerBook

You can find the shootouts at the Mac vs. PC System Shootouts Web site.

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